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    Omega is one the most famous luxury watch brands in the world and definitely the best known outside of this world. Everyone from NASA to the Olympics to James Bond has shown love for the brand and helped it to achieve its well-deserved status as one of the most sought-after watchmakers in the world.

    In 1848, Louis Brandt founded the company Louis Brandt & Fils, which would later become Omega, in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland. In 1894, the company started a new movement that became a global success, thanks to their watches’ timekeeping accuracy and ease of repair. This movement was referred to as the Omega calibre and its incredible success led to a name change in 1903, which signalled the birth of the Omega brand.

    During the 19thand early 20thcentury nations and industries relied on mechanical timepieces and to encourage improvement in the field Observatory trials were held annually. These trials tested timepieces of various types for extended periods of time and the winners of them earned substantial publicity. Omega had an incredible amount of success at these trials and set many world records. In fact, at the 1931 event, Omega took away first prize in all six of the judging categories. This earned Omega the right to use the slogan “Omega – Exact time for life.”

    Omega is perhaps most famous for its being the watch of choice for NASA’s space programs and therefore the only watches to enter space. The timing of NASA’s training and flights were perfect, so they tested watches from numerous brands to the point of destruction. The winner of these trials was the Omega Speedmaster, the only watch to ever be certified as “Flight Qualified doe all Manned Space Missions.”

    This isn’t the only industrial bragging rights the brand has earned though, Omega watches have famously been used for deep diving, Antarctic exploration and Olympic timekeeping. As well as being James Bond’s favourite brand with their watches appearing in many of the franchise’s films, starting with Pierce Brosnan’s debut in GoldenEye.

    Omega has continued to make innovations throughout the years and remains one of the most well-known and respected luxury watch brands in the world. Their timepieces are an essential piece of equipment for any affluent gentlemen or lady. Club Laurus has several Omega watch models available at discounted prices for its members, as a reward for their membership. We also have several Omega articles on our blog.

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