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  • Tory Burch

    There are some brands that seem to capture exactly how women like to feel and Tory Burch is one of those brands.

    American lifestyle brand Tory Burch was founded by its namesake during fashion week in 2004 as a small boutique placed in the idyllic neighbourhood of Nolita in Manhattan and the brand’s bohemian take on the classic aesthetic resonated immediately with tastemakers. The company’s website toryburch.com was launched alongside the store as an ecommerce side of the business.

    Building on her experience in the fashion industry with renowned brands like Ralph Laurent, Zoran, Vera Wan and Loewe, Tory Burch was able to create a truly wonderful brand for women’s fashion. The company saw its conception when Tory was pregnant with her third child and decided to take a break from work.

    For several months, she and her team of designers started to create the very first designs for the brand in her kitchen. Tory was adamant that nothing would get in the way of her vision as an exceptional designer and business women.

    Their ultra-feminine, chic and stylish brand that caters for every occasion has captured the hearts of American women and expanded across the world to become a global business. Tory Burch has over 150 freestanding boutiques and a significant presence in more than 3,000 department and speciality stored worldwide.

    In addition to being the company’s biggest store, toryburch.com is home to the brand’s own online magazine called The Tory Blog, which features curated original content. The brand is well-known for its digital innovation and has region specific websites for many countries in Europe and Asia. Alongside the website are their Webby-nominated app, Tory daily and the company’s incredible social media presence.

    Tory Burch has been recognised within in fashion industry and has won several awards at major shows throughout the years. The prestigious awards include the CFDA for Accessory Designer of the Year; Accessory Brand Launch of the Year from Accessories Council of Excellence; and Rising Star award from Fashion Group International. Tory Burch herself was also once named one of Forbes’s Most Powerful Women in the World.

    Now over a decade into the industry, Tory Burch has successfully reached fever levels across the fashion world on a global scale. She was able to create a brand that represents a lifestyle, from her boutiques that are styled like a contemporary home to her diversity in different products and niches. Beyond clothes, she has developed a range of quality makeup products, perfumes, accessories and even home decor items that include porcelain dishes.

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