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Luxury Cliffside Retreat in Landscapes of Snowmass Mountain

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The Owl Creek House is the latest in a series of picturesque homes to be situated on the rocky slopes of the Snowmass mountain. At its core, this home is a triangular steel structure that was conceptualised and built to be a standalone unit for several families. It is also anchored directly due to height regulations and geographic constraints of the area, in addition to having a sloped roof to allow rain and snow to clear naturally.

The home is perched on the hillside Snowmass Mountain with panoramic views of the entire area and was built in the gorgeous expanse of the Colorado landscape to deepen the connection between friends, families and the natural world. Initially, there were challenges in siting the home but these were resolved by anchoring it directly to the landform.

Skylab framed the picturesque landscape with large windows that allow residents to take advantage of some of the most panoramic views of the mountainside and fill the interior will plenty of light while bringing the outdoors inside. The Owl Creek House is designed for two families to comfortably spend time in and could comfortably accommodate a third. There is a myriad of private rooms and communal areas that are reminiscent of what you’d expect in a ski lodge. This leads to the feeling of luxury retreats and provides a warm open space that is simultaneously intimate.

The home manages to blend perfectly with the picturesque environment by maintaining a palette of earth-hued materials including raw steel, wood and rock. This helps it to reduce the visual separation from the surrounding landscape. While building the home, there was a strict height limit and it was constrained by the landscape which is turned into an advantage by placing the structure onto an unobtrusive platform which maximises the views through two principal façades that provide a visual connection to the outdoors from every angle. Through these strategic decisions for the frame and form of the home allowed for efficiency and functional benefits that include a triangular structural steel frame with car decking to minimise prefabrication costs.

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