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A Minimalist’s Dream Apartment in Paris

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Here at Club Laurus, we love to explore some of the most luxurious houses and apartments in the world, today we have one that could be called a “minimalists dream” in Paris.

Interior designer, Guillaume Alan is based in Paris and is known as a master at filling spaces, but not quite with what you’d expect them to be filled with. Alan is a master at filling spaces with light. His Kennedy Apartment in Paris perfectly showcases the quiet interplay between light and shadow that brings to the life the best of both the architectural and furniture elements.

The Kennedy Apartment is a terraced penthouse that has views to overlook La Seine and the Eiffel Tower but we’d like to argue that the best views are its monochrome interior. The brief that the apartment’s owners set out was simple in theory but would be impossible for an amateur to execute. Alan handles these requirements exquisitely, “turn the Hausmannian apartment into something unique, no design cliches like feature walls and most importantly, make ample use of natural lighting which the penthouse provides.”

Now, you may question what makes Paris so uniquely itself and that is all down to Georges-Eugène Haussmann, after whom the style is named. Emperor Napoléon III commissioned Haussmann to overhaul Paris in the 19thcentury and clear it of its overcrowded medieval slums and sewage.

French social reformer Victor Considerant commented on the previous state of Paris saying, “Paris is an immense workshop of putrefaction, where misery, pestilence and sickness work in concert, where sunlight and air rarely penetrate. Paris is a terrible place where plants shrivel and perish, and where, of seven small infants, four died during the course of the year.”

Paris’ unique openness results from the Emperor’s orders to Haussmann on 29 June to aérer, unifier, et embellir Paris: “to give it air and open space, to connect and unify the different parts of the city into one whole.” This was very likely the inspiration for Alan’s transformation of the Kennedy Apartment in Paris, given the large amounts of open space and airiness that are found inside.

Alan has been an interior designer for over 20 years and he kept the design simple with the beauty of French classicism which is showcased through the modern colour palette of light grey and off-white. This is punctuated by the dark furnishings, bespoke paintings, warm oak flooring and natural linen rugs. It is further embellished with leather, silk and wool which compliments the monochrome tones of the design – adding warmth, depth and texture.

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