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New Mercedes-Benz CLS 350 and CLS 450 4MATIC Unveiled at Singapore Wine Vault

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Last month, Mercedes-Benz unveiled its third generation models of the CLS 350 and CLS 450 4MATIC at the Singapore Wine Vault. The brand showcased the trendsetting sensual and dynamic design of the CLS 350 and CLS 450 4MATIC models. The third generation of these models embody the self-assured sportiness and stunning styling that’s in keeping with the pioneering DNA. The result is cars that have the dynamism of a coupe while maintaining the functionality and stateliness of a family sedan.

Under the surface of the sophisticated exterior, the new CLS is a spacious five-seat coupe that has an updated EQ Boost function and a wealth of additional comfort options. It is driven by a new range of engines that are available in a 2.0 litre for the CLS 350 and a 3.0 litre for the CLS 450 4MATIC.

The original CLS is a dream that came to life thanks to Mercedes-Benz in 2004 and created a whole new vehicle market that combined the sportiness of a coupe with the usability and practicality of a saloon car. The newly unveiled third generation of the CLS continues to build on the unique characteristics of the segment. The most distinctive feature of the new CLS models is the arching waistline that is accentuated by its flat side window lines.

“The new CLS is a design icon as the archetype of the four-door coupé. In line with our design philosophy of sensual purity, we have reduced its DNA in an extremely puristic way and at the same time emotionally charged it with elegant beauty” – Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Daimler AG

The brand new CLS models enhance the new design language Mercedes-Benz is using in its cars that are clearly identified by their tendency towards clean contours and dynamic flowing lines. It is topped off by a more contoured grill that widens toward the base of the car with a forward-slanting front section.

The result of this styling in the new CLS is a family-friendly yet highly emotive driving experience that has a stunning sportiness and style that is the combination of comfort and exciting new technology.

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