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Zoltan Pali Showcases $56 Million Los Angeles Home

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Zoltan Pali was named by Residential Architect as one of the top 50 architects in the world in 2010 as he continues to impress to this day. He has been involved in designing some of LA’s most iconic buildings and this “propeller-shaped” $56million cliffside home is no exception. Pali’s hands have touched some of LA’s biggest landmarks, from the Greek Theatre to the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel, contributing to the city’s landscape in no small way. Club Laurus would like to walk you through his latest project, where he takes influence from one of the most aesthetically pleasing components in transport.

Of course, due to its propeller inspired design, the 18,800 square feet cliffside home is comprised of three magnificent wings that extend from a central column. The upper floor provides spectacular views of the Los Angeles skyline, which is where you will find the large bedrooms and guest quarters. Meanwhile, the communal living spaces lay on the ground floor and there is even a fitness and wellness centre on the partially submerged lower floor.

“I want to deliver homes that are peculiar and anomalous in terms of architecture. I’m thinking outside of the box—literally.” – Dang, Thai developer responsible for the LA propeller home.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, it was revealed that Thai developer Duangpatra Bodiratnangkura is responsible for the luxury home and is marketing it through Aaron Kirman Partners for a cool $56 million. Bodiratnangkura, known as Dang, spent four years developing the nine bedrooms, 15-bathroom home in Los Angeles and outside of its spectacular design, its most attractive features are a home theatre, automated light system, LED-lit pool and an expansive 1,000 bottle wine cellar.

Public records show that the exclusive piece of land the home sits on cost $6.1million in 2016, however, Dang spent more than a year acquiring all of the necessary permits that would allow her to build the home.

This unique propeller home was finally completed this year after three years of building. It also marks Dang’s largest project to date and represents a growing number of ultra-luxury spec homes that are being built in LA. Developers are spending millions to create luxury homes that cater to the top 1% and it definitely pays off big time when beauties like this are created.

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